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Droppin' Jewelz

Taking care of a child when you are still a child, is no easy task. It’s even harder when you lack the proper support and mindset to handle the adult challenges of life. You may feel unprepared, scared, lonely and not know what to do to get your life back on track. In this book you will meet such a person, Corrine, who became a mother when she was 14. She was competing for spots in other people’s lives, not realizing that hers was the only spot that mattered. Corinne’s poor choices came with a heavy price, but she learned to use the principles shared in this book to create the best life for herself and her child. Your course in life will require you to make decisions that may yield heavy consequences just as Corrine’s did. Droppin’ Jewelz: Guiding Principles to Help Girls Live Their Best Life will give you the tools you need to navigate through the challenges of teenage parenthood successfully!


"Kendra's personal story is so powerful and relatable for so many young women. She reminds women that they are not alone in going through their personal struggles, and she provides some inspirational principles that help girls to harness their personal power. The book is such a great testimony to strength and perseverance. Even as a man, I found the principles are not only applicable to women's lives, but to men as well."

- Anthony D. Brice

Author of Poor Me to Soul Rich

"Kendra's goal is to empower young women and to share her gems of wisdom with all of us. I wish I had this book years ago. This is a very thoughtfully written guide to self awareness, self worth, and self assurance, geared towards young women, but something all of us can gain knowledge from. I love the way Kendra used the story line to address some very complex but essential basics of God's love for us and what he wants for us. This is a book I will keep for my daughter to read and use it as a tool to help navigate her through the vulnerable time of first relationships."

- E. Talley

Amazon Review

"Captivated from the start to the finish. A great read. I highly recommend this book. I eagerly await a sequel."

- Kelli

Amazon Review

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