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Hello Survivors!

Survivor's Jewelz is a Live Series, created and hosted by Kendra Hall, as it relates to her knowledge and wisdom that our survivor stories have power! The things that we've all gone through, endured and overcome, are not just for us! We are being challenged to do something more and something bigger than ourselves! 

Survivor's Jewelz offers a safe space for people to share their stories and talk about their experiences along the way.. Our viewers and supports tune in and appreciate the value they gain from the relatability they can identify within these survivors.

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My Story

As you may know, I too am a Survivor. I have conquered and overcome many adversities and challenges, such as teen pregnancy, abandonment, domestic violence, and more! By the grace of God I have found my way, and I can appreciate the stories that once brought me fear, misfortune, or pain. I am now able to use these things and experiences to pay it forward as we enlighten the community. Many people are afraid to share their stories, so I knew I would be a part of the solution by simply writing my book to share my story.

I was able to first see the impact that my story had on others, first through mentorship and then through the readers who have read my book and reached out to let me know how much it helped them. Survivor's Jewelz creates a way for me to not just inspire people to share their stories, but to offer them a safe place to do so.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

IG: @survivorsjewelz

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