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Author. Speaker. Mentor. Survivor.

Kendra Hall stands tall in the world of advocacy, literature, and mentorship. Her life story, punctuated with triumphs over challenges like teen pregnancy, homelessness, and domestic violence, showcases her unmatched spirit and resilience. From her early days as a child author in Highlights for Children magazine to her rise as an international bestselling author, Kendra’s journey continues to inspire.


Her rich literary repertoire, featuring titles such as “Dropping Jewelz: Guiding Principles to Help Girls Live Their Best Life,” “Workout with Kendra,” and the enlightening “Keeping Your Vibes High,” illuminates pathways of empowerment and growth for readers around the globe. As anticipation builds for her upcoming “Unbroken Jewelz” in December 2023, Kendra is poised to deliver another impactful narrative.


“Survivors Jewelz” on JD3TV captures Kendra’s vision, immersing viewers in empowering tales of resilience and victory, celebrating the enduring human spirit.


With Jewelz Ink, Kendra empowers emerging and seasoned authors alike, ensuring that every voice finds its rightful resonance and impact.


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Highlighted frequently in news and media features, Kendra’s influential presence resonates beyond books and screens. Her commitment to community betterment is recognized through numerous leader awards she’s garnered across the county.


Holding an academic title as a magna cum laude graduate in Law and Justice with a minor in American Studies, Kendra seamlessly combines scholarly insight with genuine advocacy. Her active role in the South Jersey Chamber of Commerce, along with her involvement in various councils and organizations, demonstrates her dedication to community growth.


Entering Kendra Hall’s world means embracing a space where challenges become milestones, stories serve as healing touchpoints, and relentless pursuit of excellence is the norm.

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